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About us

The mission of Muskaan Foundation is to bring smile on the innocent faces of the children residing in slum community of the society who are deprived of the basic facilities. Muskaan Foundation works for creating awareness in the community concerning their health, hygiene, sanitation and allied basic health related problems of the society. As today, Pneumonia, Meningitis, Malaria, Dengue, Diarrhoea and other vaccine preventable diseases are the prime reasons of Child Death in India. Muskaan Foundation works as a helping hand to root out the barriers and social stigma behind the community regarding health and hygiene by creating awareness in the community and being as a supporting hand in implementation of different National Health Programmes and others. Muskaan Foundation makes its effort towards meaningful & sustainable improvements instead of temporary relief. The aim of Muskaan Foundation is to enable and empower the women and children to improve their lives and living condition. Therefore, the projects of Muskaan Foundation are focused on planned human and social development instead of random charity. It has concluded that lack of education is at the root of various problems affecting Indian society. It is a serious impediment to the development and improvement in the quality of life. Muskaan Foundation wishes to make its effort and contribution towards improving community lives, spread of education and health in the Indian society. We, at Muskaan Foundation, have worked with passion, commitment and dedication to keep the children in formal educational stream and to make them healthy. Every one of us has taken a pledge to help children who are with us today move out of the slums to a better and prosperous life.


Chairman & Managing Direct

Sri Kashi Prasad Gupta was born in the year 1945 in a very remote and underdeveloped village. His primary education took place in a village school. During his childhood he was pain to see the suffering people in the rural areas owing to the paucity & lackness of facilities basically required for them as their fundamental rights and necessities. Suddenly a thought came into his mind and he said good bye to his village and settled in town with intent to translate his dream into reality. And in course of time he joined the cultural and spiritual organisation Akhil Vishwa Gayatri Pariwar as a District co-ordinator and Managing –in –Charge of Gayatri Saktipeeth Katihar. In course of time he formed a universal and big team especially of women having long term vision to bring moral, spiritual, educational, social upliftment in this day of degradation of our Indian Custom & moral values in our society. Since last about thirty years he spent his valuable moment of life for the upliftment and sustainable development of the society touching the aspects as under :-

--Women awareness and empowerment: Despite of traditional thought he raised the standard of women by providing them equal opportunities in the arina of religious rites such as women upliftment.
--Moral upliftment of the society: in different schools of the district under his guidance numerous programmes of children’s moral classes are being held in different govt. Schools.
--Self dependency in the community
--Ganga Cleanliness programme
--Enviornment purification: by plantation of many medicinal and shady plants like Tulsi, Neem, Aloevera & Peepal etc. The entire district has almost beautifully been equipped with the vision to protect future from CO2 and other contaminated gases.
--Organisation of Book Fairs and Free Hospital facilities including Drug distribution to the community. He organises many Book Fairs to promote moral & cultural heritage of India and cheap books.

Besides it he help individuals, families, and groups restore or enhance their capacity for social functioning, and work to create societal conditions that support communities in need. He help people of all backgrounds address their own needs through psychosocial services and advocacy. He organises many musical training programmes for women and children.


She serves as “Regional Consultant (Vector Control) Malaria and kala-azar (Vector Borne diseases) has been at ROH&FW Patna under the Directorate of NVBDCP, Govt. of India more than Six years. During her service she worked mostly in the remote and Naxalite belt of Bihar and Jharkhand. During training period she studied the prevalence and incidence of lot of communicable and Non- communicable diseases and the stigma behind it in the very remote community. She published two papers in the international journal. She is the life member of “Indian Society for Malaria and Other Communicable Diseases” (ISMOCD). She has got Master in Public Health (Field Epidemiology) from National Institute of Communicable Diseases (WHO Collaboration Centre for Epidemiology and Training), affiliated to Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University, Delhi, Master of Science in Urology Technology from AIIMS, new Delhi, Master of Science in Zoology from Nalanda Open University, Patna and “One Year Certificate Course in Health & Family Welfare Management” from National Institute of Health & Family Welfare, Munirka, New Delhi. She has also completed her Master degree in Sociology from Kanpur University.

She acts as a liasioning and coordination consultant between State, Central and District related to different National Health Programmes implemented in India under the umbrella of NRHM and supporting National & International partners (NGOs), such as UNICEF, DFID, CARE, MSF and VHA India etc. She acted as a faculty member of different training programmes held under Central govt. and the states of Bihar and Jharkhand such as orientation training on ICD-10(International Classification of Diseases-10),Health management and information system(HMIS),training of Epidemiologist, training of kala-azar training Supervisor(KTS),Sahiya/Asha workers & DDT spray workers and also in some NGOs such as Bihar Vuluntary Health Association(BVHA) related to many communicable and non- communicable disease.


He holds master degree in the field of commerce form Vinayaka Mission University, TN, and B. Com (H) from L.N.M. University in accountancy.
He is active founder member of “Samaj Nirman Yuva Vikas Samiti, Jhaloun, Madhubani. He also worked as a volunteer in “Nehru Yuva Kendra, madhubani from 1994 to 2000.

He has 13 years of experience especially in all aspects of business focussing general accounting, taxation, ROC Related works, Project financing and litigation support. He is passionate about helping new eminent or small business owners, enthusiastic financial consultants and his clients on a regular basis to give satisfactory services. At Present he is also the Director of Panthea Corporate Solutions Private Limited.

Mr. Amar Nath Prasad ,(Retired School Teacher)
Branch In-charge

He holds master degree in the field of Sociology from L.N.M.U, Darbhanga, B. Sc. (H).
He serves as “Science Teacher” at Rajyakiya Madhya Vidyalaya, Dhanukhi, more than 36 year. He’s currently managed Branch office of Muskaan Foundation at Jhaloun (Ladania). At present Programme Coordinator and Branch-in- charge in Muskaan Foundation.

Binesh Kumar
Programme coordinator

He’s hold Graduation degree in field of commerce form Vinayaka Mission University, TN. •He’s currently managed all programe of “Muskaan Foundation”. At present CEO in Muskaan Foundation.


Executive Team:-
Mr. Kashi Prasad Gupta, Chairman & Managing Director
Mr. Ajay Kumar Prasad, Executive Director
Mr. Amar Nath Prasad, Programme Coordinator & Office-in-charge
Mr. Binesh Kumar, Programme Coordinator

Ms. Geeta Kumari, M.P.H. (Field Epidemiology), M.Sc. (Zool), M.Sc. (Uro. Tech),
M.A (Sociology), Health &Family Welfare Management, B.Sc. (Zool, H),
Ex-Regional Consultant (Vector Control), ROH&FW, GOI, Patna.