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VOLUNTEER for muskaan foundation

MUSKAAN mission is to provide volunteers with an organized and customized program (work camp, short term, long term volunteering) that will enable them to make an important contribution to the underprivileged children, domestic animal, women empowerment, pollution control by making clean and green Environment in India.

MUSKAAN FOUNDATION welcomes people to contribute their skills, time, talent and experience through our Volunteer Program. Please fill in the attached Volunteer Application form and email the same along with your brief Resume / CV / Bio profile to

Please note that the volunteer should be at least 18 years of age and willing to commit time as required depending on the available opportunity. We do not have regular weekend volunteering opportunities except during our advocacy and fundraising events. (Please check careers section on our website for details).
Download Volunteer Application Form
Opportunities for internships will be put up in the 'Careers Section' from time to time. We welcome applications that match the uploaded requirements

Benefits of Donating Books

If we are looking for a way to help out a non-profit organization but don't have the financial means to make a monetary gift, you may want to donate used books that you no longer need to a charity that can put them to good use or sell them as a way of generating funds for programs and projects. If we have shelves filled with books that you have already read and are not likely to use in the future, there's no reason to let them sit there and gather dust. Once you are finished with a book, it can certainly be put to good use by a charitable organization.

Making this type of donation is a great way to provide support to a charitable cause that you believe in without having to incur a direct out of pocket expense. Since you've already purchased the books, the gift won't cost you anything. However, your generosity can have a positive impact on the organization that receives the donation


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