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Proposed work under “Muskaan Foundation”

    1. Introduction:

    Muskaan Educational Project is a humble initiative to give basic education to the children who are residing in slum community of the society who are deprived of the basic facilities.
    Muskaan Foundation works for creating awareness in the community concerning their health, hygiene, sanitation and allied basic health related problems of the society.  As today, Pneumopnia, Meningitis, Malaria, Dengue, Diarrhoea and other vaccine preventable diseases are the prime reasons of Child Deaths. Muskaan Foundation works as helping hand to root out the barriers and social stigma behind the community regarding health and hygiene by creating awareness in the community and support to Government health programme.
    Muskaan Foundation makes its efforts towards meaningful & sustainable improvements instead of temporary relief. The aim of Muskaan Foundation is to enable and empower the children to improve their lives and conditions. Therefore, Muskaan Foundation’s projects are focused on planned human and social development instead of random charity.
    It has concluded that lack of education is at the root of various problems affecting Indian society. It is a serious impediment to the development and improvement in the quality of life. Muskaan Foundation wishes to make an effort and contribution towards improving community lives spread of education and health in the Indian society.
    In the above said project, In Bihar State, we are going to establish:

    1. Awareness program
    2. Basic Education Centers.
    3. Vocational Training Centers
    4. Non-formal Education Centers.
    5. Libraries on the wheel and Reading rooms.


    1. To Provide Basic Education
    2. To Provide Health Care.
    3. To Support Woman Empowerment Program.
    4. Fulfillment of minimum nutritive requirement.
    5. Development of Creativeness.
    6. To Provide Activities for Physical Health.

    Target Group:

    1. The Children of age group of 04-14 years, irrespective of sex, caste, color, creed, and religion, are our target group.
    2. Woman who need vocational training for betterment of life & society.
      1. Methodology:
      2. Development of necessary infrastructure.
      3. Identifying more children for this Programme.
      4. Trained, competent, & committed staff to look after their needs.
      5. Provide Health care by visiting Doctors.
      6. Provide activities for Physical Health.
      7. Developing all round personality.
      8. Arrange tours to different places.
      9. Collaboration with other organizations who work in the field for effective and better education.
      10. Resources required:
      12. Building: as required
      13. Open space: for co-curricular activities
      14. Library
      15. Furniture and Fixtures
      16. Teaching Aids and Games material
      18. Funds for Books, Stationary, Bags, & Dresses.
      19. Funds for medicines & nutritive food.
      20. Funds for electricity and water.
      21. Funds for maintenance.
      22. Major Activities:
      23. Activities for daily formal education
      24. Activities for better learning
      25. Visits of Resource Personnel from different fields of education
      26. Activities for improvement of Physical Health
      27. Development of Creativeness
      28. Extra curricular activities
        1. Outings
          Impact of the Society
      29. Elimination of illiteracy among the children.
      30. Bright & better future of the children.



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